Leading from the Middle

leading from the middleTry this on for size…You are are the “go-to” volunteer at church, and the Pastor approaches you one Sunday after the service, “We are looking to hire someone to help lead our team.  You have served faithfully for a long time, and I am hoping you will consider joining us full-time.”  And just like that, your life has changed.  What was once a hobby has become something different with new levels of accountability and responsibility.  Neither of those are inherently bad, but they do bring with them a wealth of new challenges.  How we choose to view those challenges can determine our longevity, our usefulness, and our level of joy.

As a mid-level leader, we are placed squarely in between four personalities (Leaders, Team, Musicians, and Technicians), each with unique needs and goals.  Over the next series we will be identifying some of the blessings and challenges associated with Leading from the Middle.

Series: Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle: Recognizing the Personalties
Leading from the Middle: Leadership
Leading from the Middle: Team
Leading from the Middle: Musicians
Leading from the Middle: Technicians
Leading from the Middle: Identify the Pitfalls
Leading from the Middle: Prepare your Heart
Leading from the Middle: Pursue One Another